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Vichy Indulgence

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Vichy Showers...The Ultimate In Spa Treatments!  The human body is made up of mostly water so this is just what our body is craving. Our Vichy Massage room is specifically designed to accommodate the water flowing from above from 6 adjustable shower heads that rains warm water down on you. During the Vichy treatment you are draped by a towel the entire time you are on the table. The unique feeling is extremely relaxing which helps muscles to relax and detoxify.
Experiencing a Vichy massage is so heavenly that we decided to take this treatment to the next level by creating the Taughannock Falls Vichy Treatment. As you relax on a comfortable table the warm water begins to cascade down as your therapist begins a full body scrub. This all natural exfoliation helps to re-mineralize your body giving it an all-over glow. Immediately following the exfoliation process your therapist gently massages the body with warmed Lava rocks that have been moisturized with pure scented Jojoba oil. This leaves your body feeling totally renewed and in a state of deep relaxation.

At August Moon Spa, we have combined the many natural elements of our surroundings to create this unique and special treatment. Remember….No two Vichy treatments are ever exactly alike, so we encourage you to try them all!