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What is a Poultice?

ServicesPhoenix Wiggins
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There is this new treatment that has been popping up in spas across the country called the “Poultice Treatment” or “Herbal Bundle” that may have you wondering what exactly ARE they doing if I book this massage? We thought we would share a little history and explanation for this trend and why you SHOULD book one for your next spa day.

Poultice treatments are nothing new in any form of herbal medicine. The simple version is to create a blend of herbs that address a specific issue or ailment, wrap those herbs in a cloth, and gently heat that cloth using hot water or steam. The poultice is then applied topically to areas of the body where the heat opens the pores of the individual as the plant matter helps heal in a localized fashion. This treatment has been practiced for thousands of years in many cultures but it was Thailand and India that the practice of combining the poultice with massage became popularized.

Imagine this beautiful round ball of herbs with their own therapeutic value being steam heated and then rolled and kneaded into your muscles and joints. The warmth of the poultice relaxing the body while the compression of the movements encourages the lymph to absorb the herbal ingredients drawing in the benefits of the plants. Anyone who has experienced a hot stone massage is already starting to melt remembering that extra level of relaxation that goes beyond a classic Swedish treatment. On some levels the chemistry of this herbal treatment goes much deeper and more longer lasting than a basic massage.

There's no fear you’re going to miss out on the massage you already enjoy though, these poultice treatments are artfully blended into a traditional massage allowing the guest to receive the benefits of both.  Here at August Moon our May special is an amazing package that includes an introduction to this fabulous treatment.